[Biographical information]

Ben S. Jacob was born in Illinois in 1977. He studied piano during his formative years and began seriously pursuing music in 1993 when he taught himself to perform on and compose music for significatly louder instruments. Ben returned to formal music training upon joining the University of Illinois Javanese Gamelan orchestra at the University of Illinois School of Music in 1996. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in music composition at the University of Illinois in 2000 and subsequently studied Balinese gamelan music and dance in Bali, Indonesia in the summer of 2000. Ben then attended the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he completed a Master of Music degree in composition and taught courses in music theory. He has performed as a guitarist for Eve's Revenge, as a violinist in the free and structured improvisational BENJAMINJAMINMAN Violin Duo, and as bass guitarist for Harlots. Ben currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the director of the music and multi-media performing arts group BASILICA.

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